Training Healthcare Practitioners in Cutting-Edge, Science-Based Intuitive Medicine


BodyIntuitive is a powerful and effective mind-body medicine system that uses structured intuition to decode and unlock the “story” behind symptoms and disease - the WHY.

Do you have the ability to decode the body's wisdom to access the ‘WHY’? 

East Meets West

What do epigenetics, quantum physics and classical Chinese medicine have in common? They are all central to BodyIntuitive’s innovative approach to healing! BodyIntuitive combines the latest advances in Western science (such as epigenetics, the human microbiome, neuroplasticity of the brain and the mind-body connection) with the wisdom of the ancient, Eastern healing tradition of Chinese Medicine.

This 3-day, scientifically based, intuitive medical curriculum provides powerful, practical new tools to identify the story behind symptoms and to illuminate a personalized, “top-priority” treatment plan (or healing formula) for each patient. This approach is something that can take your healthcare practice to a new level of unprecedented effectiveness. Expand your intuition and bring future medicine into your practice now!  


The Instructors


Dr Janet Galipo, DOM

Working with classical Chinese medicine for over 30 years and incorporating these wisdom traditions of the past into a quantum-era, intuitive healthcare practice was the foundation for the development of this course.  I want to bring the best of both worlds to practitioners, to give them every possible tool so that they can become the most effective therapists on planet Earth.”


Dr Laura Stuve, PhD

“Why did I, a PhD molecular biologist, leave a prestigious, 26-year research career to practice and teach mind-body medicine? Because day after day, I personally experienced and witnessed miracles of healing that simply aren’t possible in Western medicine. My inner scientist was intrigued and convinced that this is the medicine of the future. My goal is to transform the face of healthcare and this course is the doorway in!”