Two Tracks of BodyIntuitive

Which is the right path for you? See details below!

There are 2 opportunities to access the amazing content of Track 2 for those ready for more this fall! See the . Advanced Training Preview info below…


Track 1: BodyIntuitive I

This 3-day course trains you in a complete intuitive East/West healthcare system. As a healthcare practitioner or BodyTalker, you can immediately integrate the 21st century science, Classical Chinese medicine, 7 Resets and structured intuition procedure of BodyIntuitive into your clinical practice the day after you complete the training. Practitioners are finding an ease of integration together with significant improvements in their clinical efficacy with BodyIntuitive!  Practitioners at this level can list themselves as BodyIntuitive practitioners.

BodyIntuitive I includes

  • 188-page manual - covers and extends the information presented in the 3-day course

  • BodyIntuitive Chart pack for use in your clinic

  • Complete course lecture recording access for review of the content

You can take Path #1 with or without the online monthly support community of BodyIntuitive Masters.

About BodyIntuitive Masters

For graduates of BodyIntuitive I who want to master the content of this 3-day intensive and have ongoing support in its clinical integration, Dr Janet and Dr Laura offer a monthly online 90-minute group, BodyIntuitive Masters. Masters offers review, extension, demonstration, and Q&A of the concepts covered in the 3-day course and manual. All Masters group webinars are recorded and you have unlimited access to the recordings.

Graduates of BodyIntuitive I are also eligible to enroll in either of the fall 2019 Advanced Training Preview options below!


Track 2: BodyIntuitive Advanced Training Program

For graduates of BodyIntuitive I, the BodyIntuitive Advanced Training Program is designed to give healthcare practitioners an advanced understanding of the mind and body from an East/West perspective and provide an opportunity for BodyIntuitive practitioners to mentor their clinical skills under Dr Janet and Dr Laura. The advanced content Janet and Laura currently offer will be included (San Baio, Barefoot Doctors, Evolve Epigenetics, Communicator courses, etc) and extended with new trainings in this year long program. All content will be integrated on the framework of the BodyIntuitive I MindBody Map and Navigator. The format of the advanced program is designed for busy professionals to get bite size chunks of content online and will include:

  • An updated MindBody Map and manual with the advanced content covered in the year program.

Online trainings

  • Two 2-hour webinar courses each month

  • Monthly office hours meeting for demo and Q&A

  • All online content will be recorded for indefinite reviewing.

Recorded content

In person trainings: Four 3-day practical intensives

  • Attendance in two of the four intensives will be required for graduation from the program

  • Structured learning assignments and case study write-ups to provide you with feedback from Janet and Laura

See BodyIntuitive Advanced Training Program Topics HERE!

BodyIntuitive I graduates

Ready to dive into the advanced training program content this fall?

2 options to take your East/West understanding further and explore whether the BodyIntuitive Advanced Training Program is right for you!

Advanced Training Preview

Option 1: Advanced Topics Immersion

Selected topics from the Advanced Training Program to expand your use of the BodyIntuitive system. This immersion is a LIVE class and will give BodyIntuitives a flavor of the style of the advanced program with:

  • The Magic and Mystery of the Triple Warmer and Pericardium Meridians

    • Mentored Acupoint Activation Practical with new points for TW and PC meridians- lasers, gold magnets, moxa and essential oils

  • Communicators of the CT: Threat, Challenge, Care and Inflammation

    • Mentored Communicator Practical and Rhythm Repair with communicator balancing chart

  • Cost: $300 for the first 15 students registered until September 1st, then $450.


Option 2: Three Course Package

An opportunity to try out or begin the advanced program this fall with:

  • Advanced Topics Immersion (see description above) PLUS

  • San Baio – Three Treasures of Jing, Qi and Shen with Dr Janet Galipo and Dr Nancy Werner

    • Livestream Sept 13-15. All participants get access to course recordings.

    • Includes 13 new acupoints

  • Evolve Epigenetics Part 1: Acquired and inherited impacts of lifestyle on health – with Dr Laura Stuve

    • Live in Orange County, CA on Nov 10/11 or Livestream. All participants get access to course recordings.

    • Includes BodyIntuitive and San Baio EpiStrategies

Cost: $1200, with discounts available for monitors of San Baio and Epigenetics

Can be applied to tuition for those moving on into the advanced training program.