The clarity and focus of Laura and Janet’s instruction is unparalleled. The BodyIntuitive Course is a beautiful synthesis of Western and Eastern Medical concepts and understanding, presented in a way that is completely accessible to any student who is passionate about learning more about the body-mind. The practical nature of this course allows students to immediately apply these techniques -either within their existing healthcare practice or to newly establish themselves as a practitioner at the cutting edge of mind-body medicine.
— Clare Cleveland, CBP
This is a fabulous course. I have background in the BodyTalk system and this BodyIntuitive class was totally amazing as both a new, super simple way of working the system, as well as containing a lot of useful new information I can incorporate into my practice! It was so easy to learn and use right away! I am sending all my alternative medicine practitioners to it to add to their arsenal of healing methods! Can’t recommend it enough!
— Sue Staley, Psychotherapist, CBP
I have been a client of BodyTalk for a couple of years now, and can testify to all the improvements I had in my personal life. But being with Dr. Janet Galipo and Dr. Laura Stuve, learning BodyIntuitive, was certainly one of the most important trainings of my professional life. Besides the most perfect “EAST MEETS WEST” approach I have ever seen, BodyIntuitive is such an amazing tool to go deeper within patient’s diagnosis - with a lot of specific precision, and a way to elucidate and prescribe the best treatment.
— Dr Roberto Rovigatti, MD, MBA
I took BodyTalk Fundamentals with the intent of becoming a practitioner in 2006, but gave up that dream because, I couldn’t memorize the protocols, or get good yes and no’s. I’m so thrilled with BodyIntuitive, it gave BodyTalk back to me. BodyIntuitive was easy to follow, it made sense to me, and I learned a new way to get good yes and no’s. I love how the body gets to choose if it wants eastern or western approach for its healing. The communication triad is brilliant.
— CA
I love this practice. I think you two have created a brilliant system. It harnesses currents of shakti and directs it directly into where the client needs it the most. And it supports the intuition and intelligence of the practitioner to work at their highest potency.
— Sarah Isenberg
I have never experienced a course that contained such a depth of knowledge and richness! I feel like this course took me through medical school on steroids! Love all of the amazing user friendly charts, the flow of finding the information needed to resolve a mind-body issue and feeling so peaceful and relaxed inside my body. Thank you Laura and Janet.
— Deborah Mazanek
BodyIntuitive is a way in which anyone can have access to a full spectrum of effective healing modalities immediately. The Training is comprehensive and understandable. The Charts are organized to make using the material instantaneous. Whether a simple session is needed or I want to go in depth, BodyIntuitive takes my client there proficiently. BodyIntuitive is a gift to your practice. It’s a work of art — and science.
— Magdelena Messenger
What one learns in class brings a beautiful marriage of science and the intuition of BodyTalk- that opens up an aperture in sessions in a way that was not accessible before! I witness miracles...I highly recommend attending epigenetics/hormones/body ecology classes that Laura offers. It will be a journey that metamorphs’ your sessions to a level of proficiency that will amaze you with the results!
“Laura is an incredible science communicator. She brings such a valuable depth of knowledge to her teaching, and has the gift of simplifying complex processes in the body without sacrificing this depth. She is an asset to the BodyTalk system, and I’m grateful to have her as a teacher. I highly recommend courses with Laura.”
— AR, Acupuncture Student, CBP