Meet Our Instructors


DR laura stuve, PHD

Dr. Laura Stuvé is a PhD molecular biologist and a Senior Instructor of BodyTalk mind-body medicine. Laura got her PhD at UCSF in biochemistry and then did a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford working on the Human Genome Project. She was a Senior Director of Research and Development at two California biotech companies working on identifying genes involved in chronic disease.  Laura spent 26 years in basic research in human molecular genetics in academia and the biotechnology industry, before shifting her focus full-time to teaching, practicing and researching mind-body medicine 13 years ago.

Dr. Stuvé  was the Principal Investigator on the first formal clinical research study for BodyTalk, working with Dr. Janet Galipo. This study, focused on evaluating the impact of BodyTalk treatments on individuals with chronic pain conditions,  demonstrated significant improvements in pain intensity and associated emotional symptoms.

Laura's knowledge of the molecular, genetic, and environmental factors that cause disease gives her a unique expertise to integrate mind-body medicine and science.  She is an inspiring instructor who makes BodyIntuitive and the scientific basis of mind-body medicine accessible to all.  She has been teaching science-based, intuitive medicine for alternative healthcare practitioners for 10 years. Her passion is to bring the latest paradigm-changing scientific discoveries into the hands of healthcare practitioners to make a difference in clinical treatment of chronic disease. 
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Dr janet galipo, DOM

Dr. Janet Galipo, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, has been in private practice since 1993. Her clinical skills include acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese and western herbal medicine, nutritional counseling and a wide range of other holistic therapies. In 2000, Dr. Galipo discovered BodyTalk mind-body medicine and is now an internationally renowned, advanced senior international instructor in the system. She has since transitioned her practice to be focused on BodyTalk intuitive medicine since it is the most innovative and paradigm shifting modality in her clinical experience. She runs a BodyTalk and acupuncture holistic clinic in Miami – 2 Be Healthy Inc, the culmination of a lifelong dream to be able to offer affordable medical services to anyone in the community on a walk-in basis.

 Janet has developed an online training program, Barefoot Doctors 21st Century, which focuses on a holistic health curriculum for working therapists. It is based on a “Barefoot Doctors” program model and teaches acu-points, herbal medicine and other key lifestyle programs relevant to today’s pressing health concerns. Along with her colleague, Nancy Werner, M.D., she developed San Baio: The Three Treasures, a non-needle acu-point training.

 Janet runs a not-for-profit organization, Be Healthy Inc., that has developed and supported worldwide programs in holistic medicine in the U.S., Brazil, the Philippines, Mexico, Peru, South Africa and Nepal.

Janet received a B.A. in Anthropology and a Masters Degree in Counseling Education from Boston University. Her Acupuncture Physician training was completed in 1993. Advanced acupuncture studies include training with Kiiko Matsomoto and Richard Tan.

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