Advanced Topics Immersion: For BI Graduates

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Advanced Topics Immersion: For BI Graduates

from 350.00

An opportunity to go deeper into the East West body for graduates of the 3-day intensive, BodyIntuitive I and a preview of the BodyIntuitive Advanced Training Program with:

  • 4 hours of new lecture material by Dr Janet Galipo and Dr Laura Stuve on:

    • The Magic and the Mystery of the Triple Warmer and Pericardium Meridians

    • The Communicators of Threat, Challenge, Care and Inflammation

  • Mentored practical with focused session assignments, practical workbook, individual session feedback and group discussion on practicals

    • Working with acupoints with magnets and moxabustion

    • Acupoints for balancing the Triple Warmer and Pericardium meridians

    • Balancing the communicators of the CT (communicator triad), understanding and working with their 5 primary imbalance types

    • Balancing daily hormonal rhythms for energy, rejuvenation and jetlag

  • Instructor demos of complex cases.

  • Recorded content to start your learning before the live immersion

The immersion will be taught after the September Miami (Oct 1-2) and December Santa Cruz (Dec 10-11) courses, 10am -5pm daily.

$150 discount for the first 15 students to register for each Immersion!!

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