About the BodyIntuitive I Course

The Overview


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BodyIntuitive is designed to help integrative healthcare professionals and their patients uncover and access the missing piece of the puzzle in health and healing – the WHY.

Each health issue and each symptom has a history, a story... a WHY? This WHY is the myriad of causative layers behind your hip pain, anxiety attacks, food intolerances or autoimmune condition. For true and long-lasting healing, it’s essential that the detailed story behind the symptoms is observed and resolved.

This 3-day, scientifically based, intuitive medical curriculum of BodyIntuitive I provides you with a complete healthcare system - powerful, practical tools to identify the story behind symptoms and to unveil a personalized, “top-priority” treatment plan (or healing formula) for each patient. The result? Bringing bodies back into balance so they can do what they’re designed to do – heal themselves.

If you’re an MD, RN, ND, chiropractor, acupuncturist, psychologist, physical therapist or other licensed healthcare professional, this course is for you. Leverage all of your existing training together with an exciting, quantum-era, intuitive platform for health and healing!

CEUs are available for:

  • California and Oregon NDs (10 CEUs)

  • California and all US Acupuncturists (20 - 22 CEUs)

  • Florida Massage Therapists (21 CEUs)

The science

BodyIntuitive is a mind-body medicine honoring the impact of our emotions, traumas, stresses and belief systems on overall health, on the functioning of our nervous system, the levels of hormones in our bloodstream, the inflammatory nature of our immune system, and our epigenetic capacity for vitality.

 The Mind-Body map allows strategies to reset harmony in the human microbiome and the immune system, frequently disrupted by our modern hyper-clean lives, antibiotic exposures and diet.

This short training is designed to get you excited and curious about the latest scientific understanding of the body and will offer references and supplemental webinar courses for those interested in continuing their learning journey into the science covered in the 3 day course.  

In this 3-day training, you will learn:

  • A structured intuitive protocol to decode the story behind the symptoms that includes 3 components:

    1. A Mind-Body Map

    2. A Mind-Body Language

    3. Neuromuscular Biofeedback (muscle testing) to navigate around the mind-body map to identify a personalized and prioritized healing program for your patients.

Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine

Classical Chinese medicine is considered to be one of the most advanced and knowledgable therapeutic approaches in the world.  It is a practical medicine built on experience, and some of this understanding has filtered into Western medicine. For example, the concept of kidney essence or “Jing” equates with the modern anti-aging movement.  The physiology of energy production has been well studied by western science; in Chinese medicine it is called Qi.   

The BodyIntuitive training gives healthcare practitioners access to the understanding of the body from the perspective of Chinese medicine and simple "plug-in" techniques with acu-points to balance the nervous, endocrine and immune system and to support Yin, Yang, Essence, Blood and Qi flow in the body. 

2019 BodyIntuitive I Schedule

Details and Registration

Questions on courses? Email: training@bodyintuitive.com

Class times: 9am-6pm each day - live attendance only.

Cost: $800

  • $700 with Early Bird discount code

  • Code available at training@bodyintuitive.org or from your coordinator

Pre and Post Workshop Support

Integration into your practice

“We are your guides in learning the BodyIntuitive system so you can quickly integrate this powerful knowledge into your clinical practice.” Laura and Janet

Before the workshop – Upon registration and payment, you will have access to introductory videos to start your learning adventure with the BodyIntuitive material. 

After the workshop – You will have a set of tools to help you learn and integrate the new information and skills into your clinical practice:

  • Manual and Charts

  • Course video recordings for unlimited reviewing.

  • Accessory videos to extend your learning into both Chinese medicine and Western science.

  • Online BodyIntuitive Masters monthly group led by Laura and Janet.