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Patients today have many choices for their healthcare solutions, from primary-care practitioners covered by their health insurance to a myriad of integrative-care practices such as acupuncture, chiropractic, cranial sacral therapy, energy medicine, mind‑body medicine and naturopathic medicine. People often turn to these alternative options when traditional Western medicine doesn’t work for them, and when they’re seeking more integrative and personalized connections with caregivers. More money than ever before – an estimated $30 billion – is now being spent on alternative medicine.

Our modern lifestyle, with its chronic stress, fast- and packaged-food diets, environmental toxins and overuse of antibiotics has given rise to a host of “modern diseases,” such as allergies, inflammation, obesity, diabetes and autoimmune conditions. The need for results-oriented, cost-effective therapies that don’t involve medication, specialized equipment, diagnostic tests and long waiting lists is greater than ever before.

So what’s missing from the modern clinic that can truly make a difference in the efficiency and depth of healing and in the practitioner-patient relationship? Enter BodyIntuitive!

The BodyIntuitive system is designed to help integrative healthcare professionals and their patients uncover and access the missing piece of the puzzle in health and healing – the WHY.

Each health issue and each symptom has a history, a story... a WHY? This WHY is the myriad of causative layers behind your hip pain, anxiety attacks, food intolerances or autoimmune condition. Is the issue structural? Is it biochemical? Emotional? Microbial? Hormonal? Neurological? Genetic? Epigenetic, due to lifestyle factors that have imprinted on your DNA? What about Qi imbalances in the meridians? Work or relationship stress? Or some combination of all of these factors? What if there was a source of answers to these questions? And what if you could access the story behind the symptoms? Would it matter?

In our work as clinical practitioners and instructors of this system, we’ve witnessed thousands of people stepping out of chronic health issues, clearly demonstrating to

us that this innovative modality, BodyIntuitive, holds the key to the WHY. And that ability to access the stories behind the symptoms opens the door to profound health transformation and personal growth. For true and long-lasting healing, it’s essential that the detailed story behind the symptoms is observed and resolved.


Your Body Has Answers

Your body has vast, untapped healing capabilities and information. It remembers every infection you’ve ever had in the database of immune cells in your spleen and lymph nodes. It remembers every accident that created scar tissue in the fascia restricting joint mobility, every medication and antibiotic you’ve ever taken, every emotional trauma from fetal life to the present. It knows the sequences of your genes, and which ones have impaired copies of the genetic code or were impacted by the fast-food diets of your twenties. It knows how to heal and shift each of these factors to promote a rejuvenated, balanced, aligned and healthy you. So, wouldn’t it make sense to ask this Innate Wisdom how to get there?

 In the BodyIntuitive system, a practitioner decodes or unlocks the “story” or the “WHY” behind symptoms using a highly structured, priority-based protocol, allowing an intuitive scan of the whole mind and body. This process unveils a personalized, “top-priority” treatment plan (or healing roadmap) for each patient. This intuitive system is also unique in that it leverages a state-of-the-art, scientific understanding of the mind-body connection together with the energy balancing wisdom of classical Chinese medicine, enabling practitioners to tap into the body’s wealth of healing possibilities.

 Specifically, the protocol enables intuitive access to this healing roadmap using:

  1. Neuromuscular biofeedback, together with

  2. An integrative MindBody Map that represents a holistic view of the physical, energetic and emotional bodies.

o   The MindBody Map encompasses the latest scientific understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body. It includes the Five Element and meridian theories of Chinese medicine, plus strategies to identify and neutralize microbiome and pathogenic microbial imbalances, allergies, toxicities, environmental stressors, emotionally charged memories from the patient’s past history, limiting belief systems, hormones and neurotransmitters, epigenetic markers that have been acquired or inherited, and much more.

3.    A mind-body Navigator that strategically structures the questions a practitioner asks, with the neuromuscular biofeedback component acting as a confirmation of their intuitive hits.

NERvous System West


Nervous System – West


Organs East


Liver East

The Liver Organ System is considered one of the most dynamic systems in Chinese medicine and has a major influence on overall health and wellbeing. As the organ system that governs detoxification and regulates sugar levels, it plays a major role in regulating the entire digestive system and assists the Spleen in the transformation of food into energy.

This system has a strong relationship with the eyes and with vision. It regulates the free flow of Qi in all directions and is associated with the emotions of anger, anxiety and depression.

The Liver/Gallbladder combination is also in charge of our decision-making capabilities. The Liver Organ System holds the important job of storing the Blood and regulating the volume of circulating Blood within the body. In addition, the Liver supports the entire tendo-muscular system in the body. It’s directly related to movement and to motivation. When the Liver Organ System is functioning well, physical movement and mobility is easy.

Some pathological associations with a congested Liver include issues such as angry outbursts, headaches, PMS, acid reflux, chest and stomach pain, eye problems, nervous disorders, nausea, neck and shoulder tension, circulatory problems, menstrual issues, stiff joints, irritable bowel syndrome, brittle nails, restlessness, depression and insomnia.


  • Planning and Organization

  • Anger

  • Irritability

  • Stress

  • Processing