How is this class different from BodyTalk Fundamentals?

BodyIntuitive I and BodyTalk Fundamentals both are excellent courses. They each have a different focus and audience:

  • BodyTalk Fundamentals: open to anyone interested in professional mind-body healthcare training with a certification process through the IBA. Comprehensive training in 20+ techniques for balancing the mind and body.

  • BodyIntuitive I is a gateway into the amazing capabilities of the BodyTalk System for integrative healthcare professionals. It targets 3 audiences: (1) licensed healthcare professionals who want to expand their effectiveness and efficiency of treatment by integrating in intuitive tools, the latest science of the body and the wisdom of Classical Chinese medicine, (2) people with a strong background in science and/or Chinese medicine interested in training in medical intuition, (3) CBPs interested in the East/West content (see description below).

I’m a CBP, how will this class help me?

John Veltheim has recommended BodyIntuitive I for CBPs. The course will provide you with a streamlined, efficient upgrade to the Advanced BodyTalk Protocol Chart and PaRama tools with:

  • 21st century science updates on the brain, the mind-body connection, the immune, endocrine and microbiome systems.

  • Classical Chinese medical understanding distilled for ease of use: Organ Energy systems, acupoint resets of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, and a set of 6 master acupoint strategies to use flexibly throughout the session.

  • 5 NEW reset techniques to quickly reset the body out of stress, overwhelm and inflammation.

  • A chart pack for use in your clinic with anatomy, physiology and Chinese medical understanding of the East/West body.

Is this a BodyTalk course sponsored by the IBA? Do I get IBA CEUs?


Is there a certification process for BodyIntuitive?


Is there a discount special for bringing new students?

BodyIntuitive I is an IBA course, worth 20 CEUs from the International BodyTalk Association. You can register for the course HERE or at the IBA website:


As the course targets healthcare professionals with certification and licensing from other systems as well as CBPs, there is not a formal certification program for BodyIntuitive. There will be a BodyIntuitive mentoring program with Janet and Laura launching in early 2020! Stay tuned.


YES!! If you bring someone new to the system, you get a discount code for $150 off. Email us: once your new student signs up for this code.

If you bring 2 new students, that’s $300 off. If you’re bringing 3 or more new students to the BodyTalk system, then email us for a special arrangement!

The definition of a “someone new to the system” is someone who has never had BodyTalk Fundamentals. If your new student has had BodyTalk Access that is fine.