BodyIntuitive for Acupuncturists

3 Reasons why Every Acupuncturist needs BodyIntuitive

BodyIntuitive will boost your effectiveness of chronic disease treatment with:

1.      Strategies from Classical Chinese Medicine

2.     Insights from 21st Century Science

3.     An Intuitive Protocol to Find and Resolve the Story Behind the Symptoms

PLUS BodyIntuitive I course offers you CEUs:

  • 22 from NCCAOM

  • 22 from Florida Acupuncture Board

  • 20 from California Acupuncture Board

What is BodyIntuitive and how can it help YOU in your acupuncture practice?

BodyIntuitive is an East meets West system of mind-body medicine, integrating the ancient wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine with 21st Century Science. Like Chinese Medicine, BodyIntuitive is a whole medical system – it is not focused on specific disease treatment but works to activate the body’s natural healing capabilities.  Therefore, both systems are able to address everything from acid reflux to back pain to emotional disturbance, by treating the root cause of health problems.  Like the Chinese sages, practitioners of BodyIntuitive recognize that symptoms don’t arise out of thin air but instead, are part of underlying imbalance.

When I heard about BodyIntuitive, I was intrigued by how concise and efficient the system was, combining the latest research in mind-body science with the ancient healing wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine. I took the course recently in Florida and was deeply impressed by the streamlined approach to getting to both the root of an issue, as well as the straightforward and effective techniques to clearing blocks and facilitating deep healing. As a full-time acupuncturist, I immediately connected to the logic of the system, and especially to the possibility of actually using it within my current practice.

I am very excited to incorporate BodyIntuitive into my professional field of practice. I feel confident that it will help me successfully treat some of the more stubborn cases I have come across, especially my patients with autoimmune disorders and those with other chronic pain issues that have not been resolved by acupuncture and herbal remedies alone. I feel very grateful to have this powerful tool in my toolkit!
— J Carpenter, LAc

3 Reasons why Every Acupuncturist needs BodyIntuitive - Tell Me More

1.      Will CCM enhance your practice? YES!

BodyIntuitive expands your clinical effectiveness by weaving in ancient wisdom and knowledge from Classical Chinese Medicine wisdom.  For thousands of years, Classical Chinese medicine was practiced in China, based on historic texts written before the Han dynasty. After the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Mao standardized and secularized the practice of Chinese medicine, creating the modern interpretation, Tradition Chinese Medicine, or TCM. The system of Chinese medicine taught and practiced in the U.S. today is primarily TCM-based. Researchers and scholars suggest that TCM’s simplification may explain the limited effectiveness of acupuncture for pain relief in the US, which is at 50%, versus higher success rates in regions that practice CCM, in Europe and China.

2.     21st Century Science – How can you use it in your practice?  

Science advances and paradigms of understanding health and disease change on a daily basis. Keeping up with the latest information on what causes and what resolves disease can be hard. In BodyIntuitive, we train healthcare practitioners in the essential scientific updates you need to know about for optimal clinical efficacy. We take that a step farther to provide you with practical clinical solutions based on the new science of the mind-body connection, stress reset, emotions and health, and the microbiome and immune function that you can immediately incorporate into your practice.

3. What will enhancing your intuition in your clinic do for you – and your patients?

No matter how good an acupuncturist you are, we all rely on our system of training, our education and the instructors we’ve had to direct our clinical approaches. Even with 5 element diagnostics, zang-fu organ theory, the 4 levels, the 6 stages, or the 8 principles, we aren’t trained to determine and resolve the factors that initiated and created the patient’s imbalance.In BodyIntuitive, we teach you a structured intuition protocol to access and resolve the why behind the symptoms. This allows you to leverage your training in Chinese medicine and other healthcare modalities with your intuition. For example, if the patient’s pancreas issues began with trauma experienced during childhood, your intuition can pinpoint this and energetically resolve it! Your patients will see quicker and longer lasting results as you are able to identify and treat the underlying basis of their health issues!

“ I’m thrilled with adding Body Intuitive to my clinical practice. I’m a Naturopathic Dr, Licensed Acupuncturist and bioenergetic healer in Washington state. Body Intuitive provided a missing piece that helped me to bridge the various healing modalities I practice. After completing the 3 day training course I was able to start offering Body Intuitive sessions immediately. In my experience this is rare in learning a new healing modality.

The course is extremely comprehensive and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of hands on practice we received during the training. The course materials are well written and the healing modality elegantly covers all aspects of the healing the human body from both the Western and Eastern perspectives. My patients and I am continuously amazed at the depth of information that comes up in a session. I love that Body Intuitive can be used both in person and in distance healings, I’ve been using body Intuitive on patients all over the world with great results.”
— E.B. LAc And ND