BodyIntuitive Advanced Training Program Topics


Feature 1

The topics covered in the BodyIntuitive Advanced Training Program will include the following:

With Dr Janet….

With Dr Janet….

  • The Magic and Mystery of the Triple Warmer and Pericardium Meridians

  • Acupoint Activation Practical - with lasers, gold magnets, moxa and essential oils

  • Organ Energy System and Meridian Relationships

  • San Baio – Three Treasures of Jing, Qi and Shen (with 13 additional acupoints)

  • The 7 Po and the 3 Hun

  • Relationship of the 7 Main Chakras to the Front Mu and Back Shu Meridian Points

  • 7 Emotional Attributes of Chinese Medicine

  • Chinese Fascial Diagnosis

  • 5 Elements, 5 Conditions

  • Windows of the Sky Points

  • Janet’s Clinical Practice Tips

With Dr Laura….

With Dr Laura….

  • Communicators of the CT: Threat, Challenge, Care and Inflammation

  • Hormones and Neurotransmitters 101

  • Evolve Epigenetics Part 1: Acquired and inherited impacts of lifestyle on health - With BodyIntuitive and San Baio strategies

  • Evolve Epigenetics Part 2: Toxin Strategies & Anti-Aging

    • For Epi Monitors: Advanced Topics in Epigenetics

  • 7 Emotional Operating Systems

  • Gut Brain Connection

  • Women’s Health

  • The Energy Body – Lessons from shamanic and yogic traditions

  • The Immune Cells

  • Laura’s Clinical Practice Tips


For BodyTalkers: Integration of BodyIntuitive and BodyTalk Advanced Modules - joint training with Janet and Laura